Introducing: Banquettes And The Tennis Shoes


Banquettes And The Tennis Shoes is the solo project of Athen’s based enigma Kon Kon having a little help from his friends! With an admirable love for the diy ’90s and the acid-Syd Barrett-inspired ’70s, Banquettes deliver remarkable self titled debut! If shines its influences through its…

Baby Guru - Marginalia (2014)


>psychedelic rock, indie rock

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So, I got an email the other day, and the title read “Music Submission: Baby Guru - ‘Marginalia’ (Inner-Ear Records/Greece)”. I was like, uh, what? A bit confused and a little hesitant, I opened it to see a press release…

Baby Guru : Marginalia


New album:

meadow opposite: Τώρα θὰ ἔχουν λύσει τὰ μαλλιά τουςοἱ ἁγνὲς ἡσυχίες τριγύρωμὲ τὴ σιωπή...


Τώρα θὰ ἔχουν λύσει τὰ μαλλιά τους
οἱ ἁγνὲς ἡσυχίες τριγύρω
μὲ τὴ σιωπή σου θὰ τὶς κάνεις
γυναῖκες σου ἐκπληρωμένες.
Ξαπλώνουν δίπλα σου.
Ἡ σκέψη σου στερεώνει σκαλοπάτια στὸν ἀέρα
κι ἀνεβαίνει. Σὲ κρατάει στὸ ράμφος της.
Ποῦ ξέρω ἐγὼ τὰ εὐαίσθητα σημεῖα τοῦ πελάγους
γιὰ νὰ σὲ καταλάβω;