Baby Guru - Marginalia (Inner Ear/Rough Trade)


Baby Guru – Marginalia (Inner Ear/Rough Trade)


Baby Guru may have released Marginalia a few months back, but I still feel it’s important to make a claim that Marginalia is worth a trip to Bandcamp to purchase this album.

Baby Guru comes from a group built on by childhood memories and life experiences. The members—Prins Obi, King Elephant, and Sir Kosmiche—have developed a mantra that spanned into three albums and great experiences that…

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Introducing: Banquettes And The Tennis Shoes


Banquettes And The Tennis Shoes is the solo project of Athen’s based enigma Kon Kon having a little help from his friends! With an admirable love for the diy ’90s and the acid-Syd Barrett-inspired ’70s, Banquettes deliver remarkable self titled debut! If shines its influences through its…

Baby Guru - Marginalia (2014)


>psychedelic rock, indie rock

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So, I got an email the other day, and the title read “Music Submission: Baby Guru - ‘Marginalia’ (Inner-Ear Records/Greece)”. I was like, uh, what? A bit confused and a little hesitant, I opened it to see a press release…

Baby Guru : Marginalia


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